Dex! Super Golden Cuddle Muffins!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Dad and Dex

This is me with my Dad!

My First Bath

This is my when I had my first bath, I was kind of smelly because I pee like a girl a little bit and sometimes pee on myself (Hey It could happen to anyone) I'm Just a baby Still!

My Name is Dex!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Dex! I am golden retriever, I was born November 12 2005. My favorite things are the shower, eating corners of walls and Sleeping on the bed after I have had a bath!

I am still growing and on my last visit to the vet, I weighed 32 lbs! I am going to be a mosher! I am almost as big as my sister Emma! You can see here site soon, linked to mine!

Usually, I eat laying down because I have the life of luxury!

I am good at gettin my shots, as long as I am distracted by food. I like food. It is my favorite thing. Especially Carrots and Parmesan cheese. Ssssh. Don't tell my owners!

Emma, my sister, acts like my mom, She loves me!